October 26, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Wild Flower

Hey lovelies,

I am feeling a lot better now that midterms are done and over and am finally getting the chance to explore around Toronto. I have a short reading week, it's only 3 days... really, but it's nice to get a break from school. A break much needed, but nonetheless let's move on about my outfit cause everyone knows I can rant about school all day. I think styling this denim jacket was a difficult piece to style, I honestly had my head wrapped around this vintage jacket I picked up a couple of weeks ago from the Salvation Army for $3, what a steal. But it was different, it was definitely an outsider to my closet as it was a foreign item to me. The jacket looked weird on me and especially cause I'm not a petite girl it didn't look right. I decided to distress the denim jacket a little and when it came to styling, the distressed denim gave me the idea to pair it with something soft. Juxtaposition is one of my favourite things to do when styling, soft and hard combination, is what I went for with this look. I paired some red lipstick on and a beanie to complete the look and speaking of DIY's my little studded heart bag is also a DIY :) My sister had this bag abandoned in the back of her closet and I asked if I could take it and I decided to glue-gun a bunch of studs and ta-dah it's a cute bag. Anyways I will allow you to browse more photos of today's look before you get bored with my description. 

| What I'm Wearing |
| Denim Jacket | Salvation Army & (DIY Distressing)
| Embroidery Top | eBay
| Lace Shorts | Stitches
| Studded Heart Bag | Sister's & (DIY Studding)
| Bikerboots | Sketchers through Winners
| Beanie | H&M 

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