December 31, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Black Monochrome

Hey guys!

I have taken advantage of the winter break in full force, no exaggeration here. I took the opportunity to catch up with all of my friends, which I am completely booked for everyday of the break. It is the perfect time since I have friends residing in other cities for the rest of the year and due to the holidays everyone is here for the break.

 I decided to wear this outfit when I went to go hang out with all my close friends. For some reason, I am into the colour black for this season and I've been wearing several black ensembles non-stop for the month of December. It is a look that can easily look put together and trendy at the same time by simply just pairing all the black items I have in the wardrobe. Also beanies just became an everyday staple in my closet since I am obsessed with hats in general. I feel the hat just ties the whole outfit together, whether it is a fedora, beret, floppy hats. As the rule of thumb when wearing an all-black outfit is just to style different textures, which I have done with the leather jacket, knitted sweater, and a jersey skirt. To soften this tough look, I added my black heart chain bag I got from Asos to add some girly-element. Here is the look :)

| What I'm Wearing |
| Beanie | H&M
| Faux Leather Jacket | H&M
| Cropped Knitted Sweater | Stitches Online
| Skater Skirt | H&M
| Body Chain | Call it Spring
| Booties | Sears

December 10, 2014

Shopping Haul - eBay

Hey guys!

I created a post of all the items I've recently picked up on eBay and especially for those of you who are looking to be stylish and yet not break the bank... This post is for you. Some of these items are inspired on the runway or looks I captured on the streets and thought these pieces could make any basic look a little bit more special. I will go through each item in details, like costs and where you can find it:

1. These double pearl earrings are inspired by the Dior Pearl earrings, a stunning standout piece on its own it will look great with a lace outfit, or pretty much anything. There only $1.15 on eBay, which is a fraction of the cost of the Dior earrings. Can find them here.

2. This choker necklace is a piece that can transform a simple outfit with a hint of grunge and are inexpensive. They can be purchased from Dollerama, but of course if there's no Dollerama around, you can get it for a buck on eBay. You can find it in various colours and style, and can probably get it cheaper if you bid. Can find it here.

3. Sunglasses are one of my favourite accessories to pair especially when I'm on the go. It makes you look chic, effortless and it protects your eyes; a triple whammy. These leopard print cat-eye sunnies are time-less and they also have these shades in different colour, which I scored for a 89 cents. If you're like me who constantly loses their sunglasses or breaks them, then inexpensive sunglasses are the way to go. Can find it here.

4. A classic black beret is what I needed to add a Parisian vibe to my looks. I am obsessed with Paris, so it was a no brainer, getting a beret will add the final touches. Especially for the winter season, a cute hat like this can be worn with any coats. It was only $2.50 and now I am tempted to purchase other colours. Can find it here.

5. I am absolutely obsessed with this skirt and how I can take basic pieces and make it so chic! This grey skirt can be paired with a white shirt and a leather jacket and it will instantly make the outfit stylish. It was $7.11 and can be found here.

6. This watch is inspired by the Casio gold watch and I didn't want to invest in the actual watch since I don't plan on wearing it everyday but occasionally. So I find the dupe on eBay for $2.33 and this accessory also makes any casual outfit a bit more interesting. A plain tee paired with black jeans and this watch will make a great ensemble. This watch is a standout piece because of the gold colour and paired with basic outfit will add just the right pizzazz. Can find it here.

7. This has been on my list for a very long time, this classic faux leather baseball cap which is also a great accessory to make any outfit a bit sporty. The sporty trend is totally in and so pairing this cap with any outfit will do the trick. This is a unisex cap, so anyone can totally pull it off! I got it for $6.63 and can be found here.

eBay is a great place to shop for accessories or pieces you want to experiment with because there are inexpensive. Although one of downfall from shopping on eBay (especially the inexpensive stuff) is the shipping time. Most of the pieces I have purchased are from China with free shipping which means you can expect your product to be shipped anywhere from one month to two months.

Nonetheless do read the description carefully since the pictures can sometimes differ from the actual product and sizing can vary. I find sizes from China run a lot smaller in comparison to the standard sizes of North America, so make sure to buy a size or 2 bigger. Anyways I have two final exams to study for! So I have to go and study now, and good luck for those of you who are doing your finals! :)

December 4, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Cozy Bear

Hey guys!

So I picked up these cute bear tights from Chinatown and I had no idea how to style this. All I know was I didn't want anything else in my outfit to overpower the cute bears, so I decided to go basic and wear my oversized white sweater and some black shorts for some coverage. I paired some necklaces, just cause I love accessorizing and it makes it more of a 'Maha' outfit :) Well that's the outfit, can't really write much since I got to sleep soon for my 8 am class tomorrow... well today since it's past midnight. And for those of you doing your final exams, wish you all the best!

| What I'm Wearing |
| Bear Tights | China Town
| White Sweater | Forever 21
| Black Shorts | Bluenotes Jeans
| Pink Quartz Necklace | Stitches Online
| Crystal Necklace | Forever21
| Black Booties | Sears 

November 29, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Maxed Out

Hey guys!

How's everyone doing? The weather is getting a bit chillier and totally apologize about talking about the weather all the time. I think it's one of the most common topics spoken by Torontonians, as our weather is changing drastically day to day. Anyways, had this grey maxi skirt lying around and decided to incorporate it in today's look. I wanted to push myself in terms of creativity, and style it in a way that is unexpected. Not quite sure if this outfit has too much elements, since I got the beanie, polka dots, denim shirt tied around the waist, a bold necklace all in one look, but I like the outcome of the look. This outfit was actually perfect today as the weather fluctuated and I can just layer more things on as it got cooler, not to mention I was able to wear tights under the skirt for extra warmth. Anyways here's the look :) 

| What I'm Wearing |
| Mint Beanie | Forever21
| Polka Dot Crop Top | Forever21
| Gem Necklace | Canada's National Exhibtion
| Leather Jacket | H & M
| Maxi Skirt | DIY
| Booties | Sears 
| Denim Shirt | Old Navy

November 26, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Dark Varsity

Hey guys!

Well it's almost the end of the semester! So here I am stressing out again, I recently got my mid-term exams and already I am preparing for the final exams. Typical life of a student, anyways on a better note I am almost done filming for another look book. Which is super outdated at this point to post it, it was a Fall Look Book Pt. 2, but it's completely cold outside to even be considered Fall. Nonetheless, I think I will be posting it anyways, since I've already have 5 looks filmed and edited, I hope it can serve as inspiration to those living in warmer climates. I had fun filming and I have even more ideas in store to film, like the Thrifted Look Book, Outfits of the Week, and some DIY projects I had in mind. I will totally update you guys when I do post a video. 

On to my outfit, it's a monochromatic look, and I paired it with my favourite skirt. This window-pane printed skirt makes any look hip. In addition, I wanted to incorporate a boyish charm to it, and I simply achieve that by pairing it with a varsity jacket. Not just any varsity jacket, but a sheer one! The moment I saw it in Forever21, I picked it up right away, I knew this piece was one of those show stopper pieces. Although the irony of this boyish jacket is of course it has 'Barbie' written in bold letters in the back and when you button the front it reads 'DOLL'. Forever21 has done a collaboration with Barbie, not quite sure how this jacket relates to Barbie, as I would expect all the pieces to be very pink and doll like. Well anyways, I've spoken enough about a jacket. Here's the outfit :) 

| What I'm Wearing |
| Window Pane Skirt | Forever21
| Sheer Varsity Jacket | Forever 21 x Barbie
| Black V-Neck Tank | Forever21
| Shoes | Converse via Soft Mocs 

November 22, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Pattern Mixing

Hey guys!

How's it going? I know this outfit is a bit ... doesn't really make sense when Toronto is already in full-winter mode with the cold freezing winds and the 2 cm snow. But it will make sense when I inform you these photos were taken about two weeks ago and I completely forgot to post them up. This outfit is something I've worn to school, so kept it real casual. For school I love wearing stripes, florals, polka dots, plaid which in my opinion are classic patterns and can never go wrong and are great to wear for school. I found this floral skirt in my drawer and realized I haven't got the chance to wear it yet so I was like why not. Admittedly, this outfit is not super creative and out there but it's school and I really don't want to bust out my fedora hat and a fringe vest and go all out. The minimal creativity element was mixing the floral with a striped bandeau top instead of the expected black or white shirt/sweater. And oh my god, before I finish this post I just watched Mocking Jay Part 1 and it was amazing and you should go watch it very soon! Jennifer Lawerence's acting was phenomenal and I definitely it. Just warning you, there's going to be a huge cliff-hanger and you'll be dying to know what happens next, but of course  if you're curious you can always read the Hunger Game Series by Suzanne Collins. Anyways here's the look :)

| What I'm Wearing |
| Floral Skirt | Stitches
| Striped Bandeau Top | Stitches
| Black Chiffon Kimono | Forever21
| Braided Belt | Garage
| Quartz Necklace | Stitches
| Biker Boots | Sketchers via Winners

November 16, 2014

5 Wishlist Must-Haves

Hey guys!

        I will be mentioning my top 5 Wish List Must-Haves for this holiday season on today's blog post. Whether you're a tech-girl, love makeup, or love photography, I got you covered. These items are perfect to give since they're versatile, can be used multiple times and there are various styles and colours for each item listed above so you can really customize it to your friends' interests. I have been searching on the web for good deals when it comes to buying presents online and I came across an amazing website called Raise which offers several gift cards at a discounted price. I will now be going into more details for each item listed above with two links where you can find the item and the discounted gift cards you can use to purchase the items with.

          The first item I have been eyeing for a very long time, you might have seen your favourite YouTuber sporting these beautiful headphones. The great qualities of these headphones include great sound quality, made out of durable products, and very stylish. What's different about these headphones in comparison to your everyday headphones is that it comes with interchangeable caps so you can always switch up your style. All of the caps are beautiful, sleek and bold, you really can't go wrong with any of the caps with what you're wearing. Frends has made all of their headphones a statement accessory and you will look fashionable at all times when wearing them. And if your friend is not into headphones then you can always opt out to earbuds which are equally stunning.

You can find the Frends headphones on the Anthropologie WebsiteUrban Outfitters, and Nordstrom. Raise has discounted gift cards on the following brands so make sure to check them out for AnthropologieUrban Outfitters, and Nordstrom.

        The second item that has been raved by majority of fashion bloggers are the stunning Jeffrey Campbell Shoes. The quality of their shoes are amazing, so you will definitely get several wears out of them. Jeffrey Campbell shoes have numerous styles so make sure to surf the website when choosing and also to keep in mind their sizes do run a bit smaller than the standard shoe sizes, so make sure to get a half size bigger when purchasing. You can find this particular style on Nordstrom and can find the discounted gift cards here.

            The third item is a faux leather backpack and of course you can select the real leather backpack but keep in mind the prices can go up to $500 or more. For the sake of not breaking the bank, I will show you an affordable dupe for the real leather backpack. The backpack is timeless and versatile and can be worn anytime since it goes with any outfit, any season and simply you can't go wrong with this piece. You can find it on Forever21 and this one is also cute. And of course if your girl is not into backpacks, you can get the classic black satchel instead. By all means if your budget is above $500 then you can definitely check out this Alexander Wang leather backpack on Nordstrom.
Here are links to the discounted gift cards for Forever 21 and Nordstrom.

         The fourth item is for that girl who absolutely loves makeup. The Naked Palette has several versions of it, they currently have 3 palettes and a basic palette, so make sure to do your research to see which one your girl is most likely to use. Some palettes have more matte colurs, bolder colours or shinier shades and if you're confused which one to get then definitely check on Youtube for Urban Decay Naked Palette reviews for some assistance. The palette has colours that are long lasting and heavily pigmented so it will be a great everyday palette to use. The Urban Decay Naked Palette can be found at Sephora and the discounted gift cards can be found here.

        The last item honestly is probably one of the safest items to get for any girl, unless she already owns several polaroid camera. Most of my friends have this Fuji Instax Mini 8 Camera on their wishlist and I have also gifted the camera to my boyfriend's mom and she absolutely loved it. It's very easy to use, there are several various printed Polaroid film you can buy, the Fuji Instax comes in different colours like black, pink, white, blue and yellow, and it is loads of fun capturing memories on physical paper. So I definitely recommend the Fuji Instax Mini if you're unsure what to get for them this holiday. You can find them on Best Buy and Walmart and the discounted gift cards can be found for Best Buy and Walmart.

These are my top 5 Wishlist Must-Haves and I hope this is helpful when looking for gifts this holiday season. If you have any questions make sure to comment below. Thanks for reading :)